Smart Medical Alert System

A revolutionary product for health and safety monitoring. SMAS devices provide you with a rapid response system at the push of a button. You are always safe with our network of medical respondents, ambulance service providers and panel of health care professionals when in a state of emergency. Finally, a service that makes you worry less and live more.

Who We Are?

At SMAS we believe in taking care of your health and assuring your loved ones about your safety. With industry’s leading technology backed up by one of the most reliable 24x7 medical emergency call centers, we pride ourselves in providing the best life-saving alert systems in INDIA.

Why choose us?

SMAS is the one of the best medical alert service provider in India. All our products offer 24x7 monitoring services which includes SMAS Watch, SMAS Pendant and SMAS Vehicle device.

  • SMAS is reputed for its customer service.
  • Superior products, tested on all grounds.
  • Easy to use Easy to set up.
  • Cost effective and affordable products.

Meet Our Team

Nitin Sharma


Peerzada Waseem


Faisal Nayaab


Rajshree Tiwary


Bala Krishna

Product Marketing

Surojit Saha

Advisory Board

Narasimma Varman

Advisory Board

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Mishra

Advisory Board

Mr. Rajnish Jain

Advisory Board

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