As life progresses and as we trade our carefree days of youth to the age of wisdom—old-age, we become more prone to vulnerabilities that arise out of unfortunate accidents or medical emergencies. Today, most elders want to be independent and self-sufficient, but with this independence there is always a sense of fear lingering our minds when our elders are away. This is especially true for the family members of patients of Dementia, Depression and Alzheimer’s. Elders with these health conditions tend to spontaneously wander about and are often absent minded, thereby putting their lives in jeopardy.
Even if they are blessed to have no chronic illnesses, unexpected events like accidents, attacks, robberies, or even a fall can sometimes be fatal. Doctors say that nearly half of the elders cannot get back on their feet on their own after a fall. This prolonged lying on the floor after can lead to serious complications like pressure ulcers, muscle necrosis, hyperthermia, etc. As parents, we keep an eye on our kids and their whereabouts to safeguard them from all kinds of unpleasant incidents. Likewise, as our parents and elders age, we need to ensure their retirement period is a pleasant one by keeping mishaps at bay. But due to fast paced lives and our busy schedules, we can’t always be present with them, so what if any untoward incident occurs in our absence?

Thanks to the new age technologies, now we can put our fears to rest and give our minds some peace while a Smart device takes care of our loved ones. Smart Medical Alert System (SMAS) is the technological genie you can trust with your elders’ medical assistance. The device is GPS enabled and functions on battery life. With its two-way communication system, SMAS doesn't require any external phone connectivity or software platform to activate its functions but runs entirely on its inbuilt capacities. Its inbuilt network helps the user to communicate with the operator instantly for any help. SMAS’s properties are not restricted to elders alone, its features can be a relief to parents and guardians of children who need special medical attention too.

A report by the Transport ministry’s Research Wing reveals that road accidents cause one death every four minutes. According to reports, 413 lives are lost due to road accidents daily. What’s horrifying is that when accidents occur, the victims are usually left to fend for themselves and bystanders waste time in locating the victim’s phone or identification details. All this hassle could be evaded with Smart Medical Alert System’s wearable watch and locket that saves precious time and directs help and ambulance to the spot without any unnecessary delays. The ambulance then transfers the victim to the preferred hospital where the necessary treatment is provided. With a press of a button, SMAS will connect the user to the operator and simultaneously contact the family members and the ambulance to reach the location. SMAS not only saves crucial time that is usually lost in seeking for help, but it also provides quick and convenient access to all the medical history of the user.

Old-age may retire one from their duties and responsibilities but along with that it also retires the person’s health gradually, thereby making elders vulnerable to unforeseen medical emergencies like accidents, cardiac arrests, or fatal incidents. SMAS is the knight in shining armour that you need for your elders’ safety and self-assurance. After all we need to ensure thesafety of our loved ones, and what better way than making such an investment?

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