Last week, the National Capital, Delhi awoke to poisonous smog that triggered several health concerns to the old and the young in the city, nonetheless people continued to adjust and lead their routine life. People have become accustomed to reading stories of loss of life owing to medical emergencies, accidents, robberies and attacks. Admit it or not, the 21st Century has become a century of living dangerously and people are increasingly looking at alternate options to protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

Although our lives compel us to ignore primary concerns like health and safety, technology has done us one good thing by giving us Wearable technology that can change the way we look at safety of ourselves and our loved ones. For those who have ageing parents or guardians, Smart Medical Alert System(SMAS)is one such device that will dismiss all your concerns. 

4 ways this device can change the way you look at safety:

No more invasion of privacy and added expenditure

When vesting the responsibility of our loves ones in the hands of other sophisticated, uncomfortable, and expensive alternatives the issue of trust arises. Furthermore, it is an added expenditure to hire a personal nurse or a driver. SMAS one time buy can make life easier for both wearers and caregivers. It’s not only a pocket saver but also a life saver.

Unlike caretakers, nurses, and other sources of help that can make the seniors feel dependant and miserable, SMAS is like the pole star that shines the brightest in the hour of need. This will give your seniors the freedom they need, without compromising their medical safety.

One device for all your emergency needs

SMAS is a one-stop help assistant that tracks the location of the wearer through GPS, and simultaneously informs the family members of the user’s whereabouts. Additionally, SMAS’s feature of alerting the ambulance in case of emergencies makes it exceptional. Usually, the victims of a panic attack, accident, or even patients of Dementia and Alzheimer’s lose crucial minutes that can prove fatal for their lives. In most cases, time is wasted in procuring first aid or navigating an ambulance. SMAS’s advanced model of healthcare technology monitors daily activities, sends alerts to hospitals, ambulances, and family members, and even makes calls to an operator to alert any emergencies.

SMAS doesn't end its work here. In cases of road accidents, it will help in finding a blood donor. Since most accidents occur due to over speeding, and rash driving, the device is also configured to track vehicle speed.

Safety doesn't require you to compromise on fashion

Smart Medical Alert System is not just a smart device that activates immediate safety features in the hour of need, but it is a single wearable device to monitor a range of medical risk factors. All you have to do is wear this safety device as a wristwatch or as a neckpiece and your medical help will be at your fingertips, when you need it. 

Distance can’t stop you from ensuring your loved ones’ safety

When you have a friend or a family member who is nearing the days of old-age, you understand the importance of both their safety and comfort. But,modern family structures and growing demands from our jobs often keep the seniors in seclusion or away from us. Smart Medical Alert System helps you bridge the gap because of  geographical distance, and physical absence. It is your aid in monitoring your elders’ health and activities. Thus, making things easier for you and your loved ones. 

The Smart way to show your elders that you care: Smart Medical Alert System
Thanks to the new age technologies, now we can put our fears to rest and give our minds some peace while a Smart device takes care of our loved ones. ...